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How can government regain public trust, resolve tough policy issues, and de-escalate tensions between polarized citizens?

Promoting resident engagement with lottery selected panels

This [Feb/Mar], join Healthy Democracy, Democracy Together, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, Kitchen Table Democracy, Berggruen Institute, and Public Access Democracy in Los Angeles for a one-day workshop, Democracy Summit LA presents: Promoting resident engagement with lottery selected panels.
What are Democratic Lotteries?
Lottery-selected panels are a different kind of democratic process that brings together a group of everyday people to examine an important public issue. These are ordinary residents randomly selected but also reflective of the general public, in terms of age, gender, location, race, and other factors. They’re like a city in one room. These Panels are professionally facilitated and follow a structured process to ensure fairness and productivity. They are designed to reduce the influence of political bias and instead put the focus on collaborative problem solving and evidence. Decades of academic research has shown that they handle complex policy questions effectively and fairly.
These deliberative processes have led to successful policy breakthroughs in Texas, Ireland and elsewhere around controversial topics such as transitioning to renewable energy and marriage equality. In Australia and Canada, civic lotteries are used to help solve thorny policy issues around zoning and transportation. National climate assemblies have occurred in France, UK & Spain.

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